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Wheely 7

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thumb300_w7_300_300Wheely 7 is the most recent edition of the popular game about a car that travels around the world and search for different adventures. In Wheely 7 our character becomes an Inspector and your mission is to help him drive through the levels to reach the finish line. As soon as Wheely reached the new place and got a new job, he encountered new obstacles and new dangers. Every level of Wheely 7 is a real puzzle, where your mission is to help him. There are a lot of enemy cars and other obstacles that will try to stop you . The key to success is to trick those enemy cars and use different tools to reach the end line. Even though that the first several levels are easy enough, don't be fool and think that you can easily complete all levels. You will face a lot of levels with hidden traps and only your wise decisions can get Wheely done his job. The graphics of Wheely 7 is really good. I loved all those colorful levels and impressive design of cars. Remember that all actions in the game are made only using your mouse. You can push different buttons on the stage, activate tricky crancs and so on. Hope that you will have a lot of fun playing Wheely 7 at our website.